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Often times, a writer does not get opportunity to share their story. Stories that live with them for years before even getting considered.

Writers, many a times, have to go from one place to another to sell their story, to get their story selected, and published. Sometimes only to get it rejected. Some stories not even get looked at in the pile of thousands of other stories already at the desk for screening.

Moreover, at the early stage of writing the story, writers don’t know the reaction of their audience, whether the audience like it or not, whether the story is progressing intense enough to keep readers hooked until the end, and whether writer should improve the quality of their story.

Hence, your story sits ideal for months, and sometime even years before you think it catches your audience’s attention.

As a result, it takes you longer time, sometimes even after completing your story to get it published. An ideal story doesn’t generate any money to pay your bills.

Introducing Scriberhive, a one-stop shop for all your problems… so you can be relaxed, focus on your stories, and let those creative juice flowing.

Scriberhive is a trusted free online story-telling platform. Here you can create, grow, and magnify your stories.

Share your original and unique story on Scriberhive. Find the writing resources you need on our video tutorials and craft a story only you can tell! Here, you can get a first hand feedback from your audience as you progress through each phase of your story.

Increase your fan base as your story gains momentum and readership. Connect with other like-minded writers through storytelling.

Gain Scriberhive Star status and get your story published or adapted into film or television with Scriberhive Books and Scriberhive Studios!

Not only that, you can also start earning money from your stories as you write!

Scriberhive also protects your contents from copyright infringements. So you can be assured that no one copies your work.

So why not join the hive of scribers today!

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