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Scriberhive is committed to help you in every step of your journey to help you craft an amazing story only you can tell! Scriberhive provides various services to help you in copyrights, creating cover images, online publications, improving your writing with video tutorials and much more!


With Scriberhive you can build a strong fan base, and get a chance to connect with other like-minded writers through storytelling. You can get a first hand feedback from your audience as you progress through your story, and earn money while doing so!


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Scriberhive is a trusted free online story-telling platform. Scriberhive is committed to help aspiring writers to help them in each phase of their journey to become a published writer. Share your original and unique story on Scriberhive and start earning from Day 1! Find the writing resources you need to enhance your story, build your readership, and get your story published!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Scriberhive.com is a free storytelling platform where anyone can share their stories be it a book, novel, short story, poem or even scribbles.
Scriberhive.com is vigilant towards protecting your work (if it is originally your’s). Our website doesn’t allow anyone to copy any work. If reported, and proved that someone has used your story without your content Scriberhive will take the necessary actions on Scriberhive.com. However, this does not protect you on other parts of the internet. If you want to legally safeguard your story we provide you the Copyright services (no extra or hidden charges!) where you can apply for copyright registration.
You can write your story and make your entire story paid to charge readers Scriber coins Alternatively, you can also charge readers per chapter basis (Use our paid function while creating a new chapter).
To participate in contest, create a free account with Scriberhive.com. Select one of the “LIVE” contest from the Home page or go to www.scriberhive.com/contests and submit share your story. It is that simple!

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